German-Lebanese Youth Project

Empowerment for young people

Germany and Lebanon are quite different countries. But no matter where you live, we have a lot of common problems coming up. It's also up to you if you just want to watch or if you want to actively change things in a positive way. We want to find ways together what everyone can do and how we can get active.
The focus of this week is on getting to know each other, cultural learning and networking and the topic of sustainability. We would have a look on best practice examples for ideas for a sustainable and livable environment. The week includes workshops and excursions. The development of a project should be carried out jointly by the participants. You will be encouraged to gain insights into the culture and everyday life of the partner country. You should be open minded and you get new and creative ideas for sustainable development in your community.
Of course, we will have also some sightseeing and lots of fun...

The Project

Young people from Germany and Lebanon who are active in politics and society – in municipalities, schools, universities or in Youth Clubs will meet from
September 17th – 25th 2022 in Lebanon
December 4th-11th 2022 place to be announced

Topics during the week are

  • Getting to know each other
  • Outdoor and environmental education
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable Delevopment Goals (SDGs)
  • Political Systems
  • Grasrootmovements
  • Meeting politicans
  • Tourist day into the Allgäu region
  • how to become an active part

In-between September and December you need to create an active project focused in changing simple things in a sustainable way in your community.

Your profit/Outcome

Extension of your personal view. Finding new structures and methods for the Youth Work in your country and for your personal work. Getting in touch
with sustainability and transition work. Create something new in an international team!
Action and fun and cultural Exchange!


Terminiertes Angebot
  • Volunteers/Multipliers dedicated to Youth Work



Teresa Jetschina

Georg Lindl

Oussama Noureddine, Council of Hebbareye

Nour Al Bast, Trainer Bawarej


Gemeinde Heimenkirch

JuBi Babenhausen
Zusätzliche Information

email: or
Fax +49 8333 920650

for further infos:

Teresa +49 821 31663455

Georg +49 179 2293833


Datum Zeit Ort
17.09.2022–25.09.2022 09:00–18:00 Uhr N.N.
04.12.2022–11.12.2022 09:00–18:00 Uhr N.N.


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